Giant Rubber Duck to Take Over Toronto This Summer

"Quack, quack small humans!"


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If you didn’t know that the Redpath Waterfront Festival was a thing, well, you can’t miss it this year. Literally- there is going to be a gigantic rubber duck marooned on the waterfront so, yeah, pretty hard to miss.

The duck will be in town from July 1-3, after which point it will continue on its voyage to other ports in Ontario. This oversized bath toy is all part of the Canada150 celebrations going on in the province, and honestly, this is one of the most delightful attractions I’ve heard of in all the nationwide itinerary. 

Personally, my favourite part is that it kind of looks like it wants to eat the city in every photo. But in a cute way. 

Cred: @mikeciancio

But why a big duck, you say? WHY NOT A BIG DUCK!? The duck’s mission statement is to encourage people to get out and enjoy the waterfronts it visits, and frankly I'm already enjoying the waterfront more just knowing it's on its way. 

Cred: Twicopy


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