How to See Toronto in a Single Weekend

For the traveller low on time


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Considering that it is one of North America’s largest and most diverse cities, it would be insane to suggest that someone could see all that Toronto has to offer in only one weekend. However, if you’re planning on visiting the city but you’re crunched for time, you can definitely schedule your trip in such a way that you can tackle some of Toronto’s major attractions. Here are some things you definitely should not miss on your next trip to Toronto. 

CN Tower

Starting your Toronto trip with a visit to the CN Tower is like looking at a menu when you’re at a restaurant. From such a vantage point, you’ll be able to survey the city and have a greater awareness of the scale of the city and your location within it. Head early in the day to avoid the crowds. 

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Yorkville or Kensington Market

Head to Yorkville to spend an afternoon walking along the pristine streets and doing some window shopping in the variety of expensive shops. Or, if vintage shops, cafes, and quirky restaurants are more your style, head to Kensington Market. 

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Art Gallery of Ontario

Head downtown to check out one of North America’s largest art galleries, the Art Gallery of Ontario. The gallery is full of important Canadian works of art, and collections of significant works from a range of time periods. 

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High Park

Take the subway to High Park, a large, family-orientated area that spans 400 acres and hosts a dizzying array of activities and spectacles. 

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