Hangover Food in Downtown Toronto

Drank Too Much? We Got Your Back


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We've all been there. You had one too many last night, or maybe five too many, and now the sun is glaring through your window and two of your friends are passed out on your bedroom floor. It's time to clean up this mess. Put last night's clothes back on and go get yourself fed.

Eggspectation- 20 Albert Street

You're hungover. You're probably dead tired, your hair looks like crap, and the last thing you want is to worry about being judged. That's why chains like Eggspectation are my go-to for hungover brunches. Plus, the food is just what you're craving—eggs, bacon, etc.

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Figs Breakfast Lunch- 344 Queen Street East

Best eggs Benedict in Toronto! I promise. Figs Breakfast Lunch is a no-nonsense restaurant with classic brunch options. If eggs Benedict isn't your thing, try the French toast!

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Lola's Kitchen- 634 Church Street

So I know you're craving all that typical greasy stuff, but maybe you want something that'll actually make your body feel good? Lola's is the best of both worlds when it comes to great taste and a fresh, healthy menu. Try the brunch bowl!

Aunties and Uncles- 74 Lippincott Street

You'll love Aunties and Uncles! It's so comfy, and the food is served HOT and delicious! On a typical day it'll be crawling with hipsters, but that just means it's the place to be, right?

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