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When you find a great Indian restaurant; with good prices and fresh ingredients, with delicious seasoning and spices, it’s an exciting thing. Toronto as a whole has quite a concentration of Indian restaurants, and there are some really good ones in The Annex. Here are four of them.

Utsav - 69 Yorkville Avenue

Utsav has some absolutely delicious dishes, especially the lamb curry and the chicken tikki masala. I’ve heard some people express their concerns with the service, but the food itself cannot be beat. 

The Tiffin Box - 938 Bathurst Street

The Tiffin Box has a couple locations in Toronto, and it is closed every Monday and Tuesday, but when it comes to affordable Indian food, it’s about as good as it gets. They have great cheap samosas, vegetarian and vegan options, and everything is fresh and delicious.

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The Host - 14 Prince Arthur Avenue

The Host, which is open until 10 or 11pm every day of the week, has great ambience and delicious butter chicken. The interior is modern and nicely decorated, and they’ve got a great buffet.

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Annapurna Vegetarian Restaurant -1085 Bathurst Street

This restaurant is named after a mountain range in Nepal. It has amazing decor, great vegan and vegetarian options, and the price is right. Annapurna has a kind of light, spiritual vibe going on that’ll be a nice break from your daily life.

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