3 Great Toronto Parks for a Picnic Date

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One of Canadian living’s great pleasures is packing up a lunch and some entertainment and heading to a nice park for a picnic once the weather turns from extremely cold into bearable. Toronto is one of North America’s greenest cities, and it has plenty of places where you can sit among trees and eat a beautiful lunch. Here are three of the best. 

High Park

Whether you’re planning a tiny intimate picnic or something huge, High Park has got you covered. It has a perfect location for you to grab some groceries on your way out there, or a meal before or after if you don’t feel like preparing something. 

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Trinity Bellwoods

Trinity Bellwoods is definitely the coolest park in Toronto, and it hosts a lot of art events and cultural happenings. If you’re not into being around the smell of cheap cigarettes and unwashed coolguys, this may not be your spot. But it’s a great place to sit down with some food and a bottle of wine and unwind.

Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park isn’t as surrounded by buildings as the other parks on this list, so it’s your place to go if you’re looking for a little more privacy and quiet. It has a fenced off area for your dog to run around.

Cred: Toronto Dog Stuff


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