4 Great Barbershops in Downtown Toronto

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Finding a good barber is a tricky thing for a lot of people. If you try out a random expensive-seeming place, you could get burned by a cut that isn’t what you paid for. If you try out a random cheap place, you could be walking around with an absolute terrible haircut. Here are some good, affordable barbershops right in the downtown area of Toronto. 

Top Cuts - 9 King Street E

Top Cuts is a chain place and it isn’t as high of quality as some of the other places on this list, but if you’re looking for a really inexpensive haircut, it’s probably your best bet. They’ve got plenty of staff, you don’t need an appointment, and their haircuts are quick, so it’s perfect for if you’re in a jam. 

Aristoteli’s - Richmond Street W

This barbershop, at the corner of Richmond and Spadina, has been a favourite of locals for years. They’ll do a great job without you having to explain too much, but it can be busy on weekend at times. 

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Town Barber - 1114 Dundas Street W

Town Barber is a decently priced barbershop with a spacious shop and a relaxed, easy-going vibe going on. It’s easy to book your appointment online ahead of time, so you never have to wait if you don’t want to just walk in. 

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Terminal Barbershop - 594 Bay Street

Terminal is open every day of the week except for Sunday, and it provides a kind of classic barbershop experience that some people love. It costs around $20 and has cool old-fashioned decor and great cuts. 

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