Why is There Always Something Annoying Happening at Dundas Square?

Seriously, who is liking this stuff?


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Yonge and Dundas is one intersection that probably anyone in Canada could name. There's always something going on, but have you ever actually enjoyed spending time around there? I always catch myself in a bad mood, whether I'm shopping with friends or just passing through. Here are some reasons I think Y&D is an annoying place to be:

Everyone Seems Way Too Excited

Because Dundas Square is such a tourist attraction, a large amount of the people there are first timers. This creates the effect that everyone is always excited to be there at all times. It makes me feel like I'm missing out on some great joke, walking around with my head down.

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The Events Have to Appeal to Everyone

There's always some free show going on across from the Eaton Centre, but it's usually pretty bad. It's got to appeal to as many people as possible, which usually means it will be some unremarkable background noise. It's too loud to talk over, but not interesting enough to pay attention to. 

 People Are Trying to Give You Things

Please don't give me your club flyers. Walking through Dundas Square is like walking over a minefield of free yoga classes, discount burgers, and sexy nightclub passes. Not interested!

Too Many Familiar Faces

If you grew up in Toronto or have even lived there for a few years, the chances are pretty high that you'll run into someone you know. I'm not saying I want to walk around like a ghost all day, but I'm not super keen on running into guys I pretended to date at 14, or my dentist's kids or whatever.

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